You are valued forgiven loved gifted welcome

Sunday @ 9:30 am

St Aidan's Anglican Church


Hi. Nice to meet you.

We are an Anglican Church in the heart of Strathmore in Melbourne. 

This is a community for all people. A safe place for life’s questions and a sanctuary for brokenness. We celebrate in good times and heal in bad times. This is a place to grow close to Jesus and to learn from his life and teachings. Whoever you are and wherever life has you at this moment, this is a place for you.

So the God we believe in may not be the same thing as the God you think we believe in.  At least that’s what I discovered, so who or what is the God of the Bible?

Discover God

Who is is this Jesus fella and who is God? Who am I? Father, Son and Holy Spirit and what it the bible? All the big questions!

Words matter

Being a responsible and meaningful community is important. Find out what we believe about inclusion, diversity, the environment, safety and violence