Our Church

St Aidan's Anglican Church

St Aidan’s Church in Strathmore Victoria forms a part of a network of churches constructed in and around post-World War II Melbourne in the 1950s and 60s. Radical in their design at the time, these places of worship architecturally challenged the preconceived notions of what a church was and how it should have manifested physically.

The current building was commissioned and designed in 1958 and dedicated in 1961. In its present state, it is covered under a Local Heritage Overlay by the Moonee Valley City Council. Whilst a report has been written by the Council, outlining its significance, it has not been recognised at a state level and as such, has not been placed on the Victorian State Heritage Register. As a whole, the church has remained remarkably unchanged in its internal architectural treatment and presentation and as a result, provides a unique insight into the design ideals and community aspirations of the era in which it was built.

Credit: Illustration and introductory text by Jock Work, Rebecca Jia Hui Toh, Tunli Pang and Wee Yan Qiu Rhoda (Melbourne University)