Parts of a Typical Service

A typical Holy Communion service has many parts that all work together to lead us on a journey.  Each service takes about an hour and is made up of the acts:  The Gathering, The Word of God and the Holy Communion.

The Gathering

After an opening song, we greet each other in the Lord’s name and prepare ourselves to worship.

Act One

Confession and Forgiveness

Together we confess our wrongdoing with a special prayer and are assured of God’s forgiveness.  We then give sing to God's glory

Glory and Prayer

We sing or chant of God's glory which is followed by the prayer of the week (called a collect).

Listening to the Scriptures

We listen to readings from different parts of the bible.  Our priest then breaks open those readings and explains them.

Act Two

The Prayers of the People

We spend time praying for all people, paying special attention to those in need.

The Exchange of peace

Act Three starts with everyone exchanging a greeting of  God's peace with each other.

Act Three

Setting the Table

While the table is prepared for communion, we sing and take up a collection.

The Great Thanksgiving

Holy Communion starts with a prayer of Great Thanksgiving which recalls the Last Supper. 

Breaking Bread

The bread is broken and everyone is invited to share in the communion meal.

Giving Thanks

We give thanks for communion and pray that we can take its gifts into the world.  And we sing another song.

The Blessing

Everyone is blessed by the priest and is dismissed to take what we have received into he world.

Coffee (or Tea)

We get tot he all important cup of coffee after the service.  It's a time of friendship and encouragement.

Act Four