What is Sunday like?


Or Sunday service starts at 9:30 am. When you arrive at St Aidan’s, you’ll be greeted by our welcomers, the sound of our community members catching up, and the sound of our musicians warming up. If you are new, a welcomer will ask if you have any questions. Grab any pew in the church – we’re not precious about where we sit. Our Sunday service takes about an hour.

If you’re new or you’ve been here a time or two [or two hundred], here are some of the regular questions we get asked.

What happens during the service?

We sing, pray, listen, learn, celebrate, and give thanks.

A Sunday service has three major sections: preparing ourselves, reading and teaching, and celebrating communion.  We sit and stand for different parts.  All the words that we sing and say together are on two big screens.

Should I arrive early?


If fact, here's a good tip:  Arrive a little late if it's your first visit.  It allows you to slip into a back pew and just take it all in.  You will still be greated at the door by our welcomers.

What if I don't know what to do?

That's OK!

Just sit, listen and take it in.  It takes a couple of visits to get the hang of it.   There are no mistakes in our church.

Good tip:  Sit at the back of the church until you find your feet.  It will allow you to follow what everyone else does, like standing for the Gospel or receiving communion.

What is Holy Communion?

Short answer, it is a ritual meal using bread and wine that brings us close to Christ.  The long answer probably needs a page of its own.  

Can you receive communion? Absolutely.  Just come up the front with everyone else.

But I can't sing

Yeah, neither can I. 

Really, most of us can't, but that doesn't stop us from trying.  

I'm not sure if I believe

That's ok too. 

Neither did I until I was well into adulthood.  St Aidan's is a safe place to explore those questions.  Feel free to ask Rev Glen or anyone else.

What if I have kids?


Kids are welcome to just be a part of the service.  There is a kid's area in the church for young kids to draw and do activities.  And don't worry about kids and noise.  We would rather have the noise.  

I assume you have toilets


They are through the hall.  If you need to, ask a welcomer to show you where.